Loadpoint Bearings is a leading supplier of high precision rotary tables to the dicing and electronics/semiconductor industries

A wide range of rotary tables is available from 50 mm (2 in) diameter up to and including 400 mm (16 in) diameter. Tables are produced with standard or reduced heights. Standard height tables have the advantage of maximum axial, radial and tilt stiffness whereas reduced height tables have lower radial and tilt stiffness. All tables feature the low axial motion errors inherent of air bearings.

Tables may be externally driven via belts or worm and wheel or alternatively can be fitted with an integral drive motor. The use of DC brushless torque motors with high resolution encoders can achieve angular position resolutions better than 0.1 arcsecs. Full technical support is available for drive selection and setting up.

Optional features include large diameter central through holes for coolant feed or a central vacuum feed with rotary coupling.