Submicron machining accuracies for hard/brittle materials, available as a service to the medical sensor, automotive, semiconductor and aerospace industries.

Loadpoint Bearings have developed a submicron non-contact machining method for conductive materials., known as E.M.M (Electro Chemical Micromachining). In particular the machin-ing is suited for hard materials, difficult to machine with con-ventional equipment. The benefits of the E.M.M machining, are due mostly to the non contact processing (atomic level). Rapid material removal rates (seconds), burr free, with zero tool wear, are the main benefits. Applica-tions include turbine rotor machining, camshaft pitting, bearing surface modification, rapid deburring of metals/composites, sensor microfeatures. Please contact Loadpoint Bearings for more information, or download the brochure from the download area.