Loadpoint Bearings is the leading manufacturer of Dicing Spindles supplying all original equipment manufacturers in the world with products that have become accepted as industry standards.

A range of spindles to suit all types of dicing machine is available. These include flange mounted, gantry mounted and round bodied cantilevered spindle styles. Spindles may also be customised to meet individual requirements.

The spindles cover a full range of blade diameters from 50 mm (2 in) up to and including 101 mm (4 in). For 50 mm diameter blades, spindles have a maximum speed of 60 000 rpm and 1.2 kW of available power. Larger spindles for 101 mm blade diameters have a maximum speed of 40 000 rpm and develop 2.5 kW of power. DC brushless motors are fitted as standard to achieve maximum operating torque over a wide range of speeds. This makes the spindles suitable for cutting a variety of materials ranging from silicon through to quartz. AC motors can also be fitted to spindles to meet customer drive specifications.

Spindles are fully water cooled to minimise thermal growth. They are also designed and constructed for maximum durability. All spindle designs have been proven in heavy duty dicing applications.

Loadpoint Bearings can also fit electrical brushes for touch sensing circuits and supply balanced wheel mounts and spacers. AC and DC drives specially matched to dicing spindle applications are available from Loadpoint Ltd.

A spindle repair and retrofitting service is provided for end users.